2018 Media Council of Kenya Tenders

2018 Media Council of Kenya Tenders

The Media Council of Kenya invites sealed bids from interested and eligible bidders for the following;


  • MCK/PREQ/01/2018 Supply of General Office Equipment, Stationery & Other Related Items Youth, Women, Persons with Disability (YWPD)
  • MCK/PREQ/02/2018 Supply and Maintenance of Computers, Laptops, PABX systems, Printers and Related ICT Items Open
  • MCK/PREQ/03/2018 Supply & Installation of Software, Microsoft Licensing, Consumables & Other Peripherals Open
  • MCK/PREQ/04/2018 Supply of Printed Stationery e.g. Letterheads, Biros , Notebooks YWPD
  • MCK/PREQ/05/2018 Provision of Design and Printing Services for Promotional Materials e.g. T-Shirts, Caps, Calendars, Banners, Carrier Bags, Research Reports, etc. Open
  • MCK/PREQ/06/2018 Supply of Motor Vehicle Tyres, Tubes and Batteries Open
  • MCK/PREQ/07/2018 Supply of Office Furniture, Furnishings and Fittings Open
  • MCK/PREQ/08/2018 Supply of Newspapers, Periodicals, Books & Magazines Open
  • MCK/PREQ/09/2018 Supply, Maintenance and Repair of TV & Radio Signal Equipment and Media Monitoring Systems Open


  • MCK/PREQ/10/2018 Provision of Event Organizing, Décor, Lighting & Sound Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/11/2018 Provision of LAN, WAN, Internet, Web, Mobile & Desktop Applications, Web Design & Development Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/12/2018 Provision of Outside Catering and Other Related Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/13/2018 Provision of Photography, Videography, Editing and Other Related Services Open
  • MCK PREQ/14/2018 Provision of Comprehensive Office Cleaning, Fumigation and Pest Control Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/15/2018 Provision of Minor Office Repairs YWPD
  • MCK/PREQ/16/2018 Provision of Conference / Meeting Facilities Open
  • MCK/PREQ/17/2018 Provision of Car Hire and Transport Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/18/2018 Provision of Travel Agency, Reservation and Ticketing Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/19/2018 Provision of Graphic Design, Advertisement Design, Branding, Digital Marketing and Social Media YWPD
  • MCK/PREQ/20/2018 Provision of Valuation Services (Motor Vehicle and Other Assets) Open
  • MCK/PREQ/21/2018 Provision of Plumbing Services YWPD
  • MCK/PREQ/22/2018 Provision of Auctioneering Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/23/2018 Provision of Staff Training Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/24/2018 Provision of Drinking Water and Lease of Dispenser Open
  • MCK/PREQ/25/2018 Provision of Bulk Printing, Bulk Photocopying, Binding and Document Management Services YWPD
  • MCK/PREQ/26/2018 Provision of Courier Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/27/2018 Provision of Professional Media Content Evaluation and Judgment for Media Awards Open
  • MCK/PREQ/28/2018 Provision of Marking of Assets (Asset Tagging) Open
  • MCK/PREQ/29/2018 Provision of Group Life and General Insurance Brokerage Services Open


  • MCK/PREQ/30/2018 Repair & Maintenance of Office Furniture & Other Related Equipment. YWPD
  • MCK/PREQ/31/2018 Repair and Maintenance of Air Conditioners & Supply of Associated Spare Parts Open
  • MCK/PREQ/32/2018 Electrical Supplies , Installations and Repairs YWPD
  • MCK/PREQ/33/2018 Repair & Maintenance of Motor Vehicle (Garages) Open
  • MCK/PREQ/34/2018 Supply, Maintenance and Repair of Fire Detection and Suppression System Open
  • MCK/PREQ/35/2018 Supply, Repair & General Maintenance of CCTV and Access Control Equipment Open


  • MCK/PREQ/36/2018 Provision of Legal Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/37/2018 Provision of Development of Risk Framework and Risk Policy Consultancy Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/38/2018 Provision of Human Resource Consultancy Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/39/2018 Provision of Process Service YWPD
  • MCK/PREQ/40/2018 Provision of ISO Certification Consultancy Open
  • MCK/PREQ/41/2018 Provision of Financial Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/42/2018 Public Relations Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/43/2018 Provision of Recruitment Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/44/2018 Provision of Occupation Safety & Health Advisory Services (Training, Audits & Assessment) Open
  • MCK/PREQ/45/2018 Provision of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Open
  • MCK/PREQ/46/2018 Provision of Staff Training and Consultancy Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/47/2018 Provision of Fire and Safety Services (Fire Responses, Fire Drills, First Aid Boxes, Fire Marshals Training) Open
  • MCK/PREQ/48/2018 Provision of Professional Counseling Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/49/2018 Provision of ICT Training & Consultancy Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/50/2018 Provision of Media Training & Research Consultancy Open
  • MCK/PREQ/51/2018 Provision of Short Courses Development on Media & Communication Open
  • MCK/PREQ/52/2018 Provision of Proposals & Report Writing Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/53/2018 Provision of Rapporteur Services Open
  • MCK/PREQ/54/2018 Provision of Journalism Mentoring Consultancy Open
  • MCK/PREQ/55/2018 Provision of Curriculum Development Open
  • MCK/PREQ/56/2018 Provision of Office Partitioning Contractors Open
  • MCK/PREQ/57/2018 Provision of Office Moving & Logistics Contractors Open


  • MCK/TENDER/003/2018 Provision of Insurance Brokerage Services – Medical Open

Interested suppliers are requested to download the Pre-Qualification/Tender documents from the Media Council of Kenya website: www.mediacouncil.or.ke  OR the IFMIS Supplier Portal: supplier.treasury.go.ke.

Duly completed forms accompanied with required supporting documents should be submitted to the Media Council of Kenya on or before Wednesday, 20th June 2018 at 12.00pm.

The Chief Executive Officer,

Media Council of Kenya,

Britam Centre, Mara/Ragati Road,

P.O. Box 43132-00100 Nairobi.


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