Kisumu County Government Kachok Dumpsite Relocation Tender

Kisumu County Government Kachok Dumpsite Relocation Tender





WHEREAS the County Government of Kisumu, hereinafter referred to as “the County” is the County Government for purposes of the Act of parliament herein above mentioned.

The County is the Authority with Statutory mandate of waste management within Kisumu County.

The County desires to partner with owners of abandoned quarries of between 4 -10 acreage for purposes of decommissioning of Kachok dumpsite, located next to Moi stadium. The quarry should be in a suitable location that meets all the environmental and social requirement of sanitary landfill sitting as per Environmental Management and Coordination Act 1999, Solid Waste Management regulations 2006, Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit regulations 2003, Kenya Civil Aviation Regulations 2013, Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015. The County now invites abandoned quarry owners willing to partner in this regard to indicate their interest in providing the same.

Interested individuals should note that the documents and information listed below are the minimum requirements and MUST be accompanied by supporting documents, failure to which the Bid shall be rendered none responsive and thus liable to automatic disqualification.

The proposed quarry MUST meet the following conditions:

  1. MUST have a minimum depth of at least 20 metres covering an area of at least 4 acres and must be accessible to trucks in all weather conditions.
  2. Location must be within a radius of 20Km from the Kachok dump site and must be within Kisumu County.
  3. MUST sit on adequate Land capacity of between 4acres-10acres, with a minimum capacity of 400,000 cubic Mtrs AND must not be close to any flood plain, wetland, forest or biodiversity of great environmental importance.
  4. The quarry MUST have adequate material cover e.g. marram.
  5. The quarry pit must be fully fenced off, permanently, with restricted entry with adequate safety provisions.
  6. The quarry must have been abandoned for a minimum of at least 18 months.
  7. Not located within 500m of private or public drinking, irrigation, or livestock water supply wells, gentle slope with good road access and not located on ground water recharge area.
  8. The quarry must be on a Stable geological formation with hard stone (impervious) quarry.
  9. Socially acceptable site; the community has to be willing to accept the project in the area; minutes of a community meeting showing willingness to cooperate would be an added advantage.
  10. Ownership documents of the land parcels must be availed.
  11. Site should be free from any encumbrances or restriction.
  12. Availability of earth moving equipment and adequate trucks for relocation is an added advantage.
  13. In the event that a private company is willing to identify and develop the site under public private partnership with the county government; The EOI letter should indicate this interest and attach the following mandatory documents: Company registration certificate, Tax Compliance and VAT Certificate, current licensing and registration e.g. NCA, AAK, IEK, NEMA, KIE, BORAQ if available.
  14. Valid NEMA Environmental Impact Assessment License.
  15. Clearance report from Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).
  16. Interested bidders MUST show experience of similar work in at least one project e.g Treatment of waste on site before relocation.
  17. Your proposals shall be deposited in the Tender Box at the City Hall ground floor, Court Road, Kisumu, Kenya or be addressed to:

City Manager

City of Kisumu

P.O. Box 105 – 40100,


So as to be received not later than 12.00 noon on 17th July, 2018

  1. The proposal shall be clearly marked: Tender No. CGK/COK/ENV/T/2018/2019/002 and Title.
  2. The proposals will be opened in the presence of bidders’ representatives who wish to attend on the same day starting immediately after 12.00 noon (Kenyan time) at City Hall Chamber.
  3. For any additional information, please contact the City Manager email:

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