ROYAL NAIROBI GOLF CLUB Tenders Supplier Prequalification 2018

ROYAL NAIROBI GOLF CLUB Tenders Supplier Prequalification 2018



ROYAL NAIROBI GOLF CLUB here after, “RNGC” invites applications from interested, eligible, capable firms for prequalification/registration of suppliers various categories of items for the years ending June 2018-2020 in the following categories:

  • RNGC/001/2018-2020 Supply and repair/service of computers, laptops, servers ups, printers, scanners, & consumables (Must provide manufacturer authorization certificate/license)
  • RNGC/002/2018-2020 Supply of general office stationeries and general printing services
  • RNGC/003/2018-2020 Supply and support of software development & Implementation.
  • RNGC/004/2018-2020 Supply of cleaning materials, detergents and disinfectant
  • RNGC/005/2018-2020 Supply of office furniture, fittings and office equipment
  • RNGC/006/2018-2020 Supply of personal protective equipment & staff uniform
  • RNGC/007/2018-2020 Supply of assorted hotel linen
  • RNGC/008/2018-2020 Supply of electronic equipment (cameras, Tvs, mobiles phones, & wireless / wired lines)-Dealers only.
  • RNGC/ 009/2018-2020 Supply of dry goods and household materials
  • RNGC/010/2018-2020 Supply of fresh products -fish, pork, poultry, seafood, beef, lamb & dairy
  • RNGC/ 011/2018-2020 Supply of fresh fruits & vegetables
  • RNGC/ 012/2018-2020 Supply of wines, spirits, beers, & minerals (Must provide manufacturer authorization certificate/license)
  • RNGC/013/2018-2020 Supply of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers & implements/spares
  • RNGC/014/2018-2020 Supply of hardware & tools/ electrical parts &equipment
  • RNGC/015/2018-2020 Supply of sand, ballast, hard-core, building stones &timber
  • RNGC/ 016/2018-2020 Supply of bulk / cylinder gas, fuel, oil & lubricants(legally authorized Dealers only, Must provide Valid Licenses)
  • RNGC/017/2018-2020 Supply of cigarettes & cigars
  • RNGC/018/2018-2020 Provision of fresh cut flowers and indoor plants
  • RNGC/019/2018-2020 Provision of courier services
  • RNGC/020/2018-2020 Provision of Insurance Services (Underwriters) – (IRA) registered
  • RNGC/021/2018-2020 Provisions of design, artwork, engraving, printing of promotional and advertising materials and news papers
  • RNGC/022/2018-2020 Provision of travel and air ticketing service -IATA registered
  • RNGC/023/2018-2020 Supply & repair of motor vehicles, tyres, tubes & spares
  • RNGC/024/2018-2020 Provision of photography, video graphics, public address event management services
  • RNGC/025/2018-2020 Supply & provision of generator accessories/services
  • RNGC/ 026/2018-2020 Provision of human resource & management consultancy


  • RNGC/027/2018-2020 Provision and maintenance of firefighting equipment
  • RNGC/ 028/2018-2020 Provision and maintenance of cold rooms/fridges conditioning units.
  • RNGC/029/2018-2020 Provision of garbage collection and exhauster services
  • RNGC/030/2018-2020 Provision of pest control & sanitary services
  • RNGC/031/2018-2020 Provision of building & construction services-NCA registered firms register.
  • RNGC/032/2018-2020 Supply & repair of gym/ spa/ sauna equipment
  • RNGC/033/2018-2020 Supply and service of pumps & irrigation equipment
  • RNGC/034/2018-2020 Provision of borehole drilling & maintenance services
  • RNGC/ 035/2018-2020 Provision of calibration & standardization services
  • RNGC/036/2018-2020 Provision of Event Management services
  • RNGC/037/2018-2020 Provision of Taxis Service
  • RNGC/038/2018-2020 Provision of Decoration services
  • RNGC/039/2018-2020 Provision of General repair works for buildings including painting
  • RNGC/040/2018-2020 Provision of debt collection services
  • RNGC/041/2018-2020 Supply and service of swimming pool equipment
  • RNGC/042/2018-2020 Provision of security services
  • RNGC/043/2018-2020 Provision of hydrogeological survey services
  • RNGC/044/2018-2020 Provision of solar water heating maintenance services
  • RNGC/045/2018-2020 Supply of electrical and plumbing equipment’s
  • RNGC/046/2018-2020 Provision of quantity surveyors services
  • RNGC/047/2018-2020 Provision of services for kitchen equipment
  • RNGC/048/2018-2020 Provision of cleaning services
  • RNGC/049/2018-2020 Provision of general mechanical repairs
  • RNGC/050/2018-2020 Provision of laundry and cleaning services
  • RNGC/051/2018-2020 Provision of landscaping services
  • RNGC/052/2018-2020 Provision and supply of printers and photocopy hiring

Pre-qualification tender documents, containing detailed terms and conditions of qualification may be obtained from the Procurement Office, ROYAL NAIROBI GOLF CLUB, LOCATED ALONG NGONG ROAD MUCAI DRIVE during normal office hours at a non-refundable fee of Kshs 2,000.

Alternatively, the document may be downloaded from the RNGC websites by visiting

Completed pre-qualification documents in plain sealed envelopes (Original and a copy) clearly marked with Tender number, Category Number and Item description for Pre-Qualification/Registration Documents for Suppliers for Supply/Provision of Services” And addressed to:- GENERAL MANAGER, ROYAL NAIROBI GOLF CLUB to reach by 21st May 2018 by 5.00pm


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