The Kenya School of Law Space Lease Tender


The Kenya School of Law is a Postgraduate Training Institution ran under the auspices of the Kenya School of Law Act of 2012 of the Laws of Kenya. The School invites sealed proposal owners’/lease holders for holders’ properties within the Central Business District.

KSL proposes to acquire office space within the CBD for setting up its Paralegal programe and seeks expressions of interest from owners and authorized agents. The approximate space required should be measuring between 4000 sq.ft. to 5000sq. ft with good ambiance for lecture rooms and office setup and requisite facilities which include and not limited to; 24 hours’ water supply, power back arrangement and uninterrupted lift service in case of a storey building.

The office space should be available in a building situated within the Central Business District in Nairobi City Centre. With other things being equal, preference will be given to:

  1. Premises preferably be on a single floor in a ready possession premises.
  2. Suitability of location of the premises
  3. Premises offering better amenities
  4. Premises ready for possession and occupation with all necessary permissions and approvals in place.
  5. Premises with good infrastructure in place preferably with minimal noise.

Interested parties possessing built –up areas as stated above are invited to send their expression of interest documents covering details of space availability for lease Rental including proof of ownership (copy of title deeds), rental rates applicable, location map name of the building, sample lease, availability of utilities, electricity, toilets for both men and women and proof of general suitability of the proposed office space etc. The proposed space(building) offered should be free from any liability and litigation with respect to its ownership, lease/renting and should be no pending payments/bills against them.

The proposed documents should include full particulars of legal owner of the premises including and not limited to:

  1. Name- (lease agreement shall be signed by the person appearing in the title deed/Directors in case of a limited company
  2. Postal address (office residence) and physical location of the building e.g. street name
  3. Office telephone, contact mobile number and official email address
  4. A copy of occupational certificate of the building
  5. A statement on whether there are plans for any major structural changes of the design of the building in the next 3 years
  6. Names of other tenants in the building (preferably Government and Corporate tenants)

Note: The School in conjunction with the State Department of Public Works (Government Leasing Section) shall do a ground check to confirm details provided and suitability of the proposed premises. Successful proposal will have their rates valued by the Ministry of Lands to ascertain if the proposed rates are within the prevailing market rates.

The documents should be addressed to:

The Director/Chief Executive Officer

Kenya School of Law

Langata South Road – Karen

P O Box 30369-00100 NAIROBI

Completed Expression of Interest documents shall be deposited in the Tender box located at Gate C reception area, so as to be received on or before 12noon on 3rd September 2019. The proposals shall be opened immediately thereafter in the Board room in the presence of tenderers or their representative who wish to witness.


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